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ILR is always looking for new instructors.  Perhaps you've thought about a class that you think others would find interesting. We've put together a set of FAQs below to answer some questions you might have. If, after looking over that information, you feel you would like to teach a course, please go to the bottom section entitled Course Proposal Form, download and fill it out and email it to A sample course proposal is shown below to help guide you through that process. 

We would also add that there is no greater or longer lasting pleasure in life than learning new things. In preparing class material, in the wealth of information your students will bring to the class, and in the interactions you will have with neighbors and friends long after your class is over, you will find that teaching for ILR is a richly rewarding experience.


How long are ILR classes?

Classes usually last either five or six weeks with each session lasting two hours.  We are experimenting with other formats including shorter periods of instruction and presentations of from two hours in one session to four or six hours over two or three weeks.

When are classes taught?

ILR offers a fall session and winter/spring session.  Each session is broken into two parts.  The fall session begins in September and again in late October.  The winter/spring session begins in January and again in February.

What is the focus of ILR classes?

Classes often fit under the rubric of the arts, sciences, social sciences, literature, or history; however, any class which increases residents' ability to understand and enjoy life as well as better comprehend the larger environment in which we live is welcome.

How is material usually presented?

Most instructors use a combination of lecture and class discussion assisted by audio/visual supporting materials as well as student purchased or instructor provided textual material.

Where are classes held?

We utilize meeting rooms at HOA1, HOA2 and the Preserve.


Is any instructional help available?

Yes, several ILR instructors have offered to provide mentoring help. Names will be provided on request.


Are audio visual aids available?

Yes, ILR has such things as projectors, televisions, lapel microphones, screens and so forth. Help with setting these up is also available through each HOA. 


How are expenses for class instructional materials reimbursed?

You would submit your receipts for course material to the ILR treasurer who would then mail you a check.


Are instructors paid by ILR?

No, this is largely a labor of love.  Instructors of full class sessions (five or six weeks) do receive a stipend to cover incidental expenses such as travel and supplies and time.


After reading this, I am interested in offering an ILR class.  What do I need to do?

Fill out a course proposal form and then forward it via email to the chair of the curriculum committee as shown on the form. He will then share your course proposal with the other members of the committee for approval and placement on the schedule and email that information back to you.  That information will then be forwarded to the course scheduler who does all course scheduling and room assignments.   We try to complete the course scheduling well in advance of the beginning of classes.  There is a link to a blank course proposal form below as well as a sample completed course proposal to help guide you through the process.

Sample ILR Course Proposal Form

Course Title:  Climate Science and Global Climate Change

Instructor contact information:  Name: Lockwood Carlson Address: 36813 S. Desert Sky Lane,   Phone(s): (520) 399-7279, Email:    

Course Description: This course is about the scientific foundations of the understanding of the global climate, its past, present, and estimates for the future.  We will explain and discuss the climactic changes in the last few hundred years and the key role of the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration and its consequences on the global climate, regional variations, and on human society over the next few decades and centuries.  

Brief Biography or Experience in this field:  PhD in theoretical physics.  Experience in academia and industry.  Expertise in computer modeling, complex systems, physics of the atmosphere.  Retired from 3M Company (40 years) and University of Minnesota (12 years).  Currently consulting in energy technology and serve on corporate boards of tech companies. 

The Learning Objective for this course would be: for students to develop an understanding of the basics of climate science, the dynamics of global climate change and global warming.  With this background, we will take a critical look at the economic and political issues, for both the US and the rest of the world, facing our planet, where the political process is today, and the future outlook.  A key goal is to provide the student with the perspective to develop an accurate overview of the key concepts, issues, and various policy options and implications.

I would expect the course to last for ___X___5      ______6 weeks of two hours each.


Please provide a brief weekly outline of the course material

 Week One - Course intro: roles of science, technology, other disciplines; climate change, consequences, governmental and policy initiatives  

Week Two - Basic thermodynamics of earth’s atmosphere, atmospheric processes   

Week Three - Measurements of climate, land masses, oceans, ice shelves.  

Week Four -  The global climate past, present and future estimates:  putting it all together. 

Week Five - Consequences of CO2 increases in the atmosphere, future climate scenarios:  IPCC latest consensus, Policy options: US and global

Week Six (if necessary)__NA_________________

Click to download the course proposal form in Microsoft Word docment format.


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